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ThriveCart's Best Features

  • Easily Take Payments With Paypal, Stripe, and
  • Highly Advanced & Simple Affiliate Center
  • Include 1-Click Upsell & Bump offers
  • Integrate With Zapier, OptimizePress, & lots more!
  • Digital Sales Tax Calculation (including VAT)

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Frequently Asked Questions About ThriveCart

Can ThriveCart integrate with OptimizeMember? +

Absolutely, and I'm very excited about it!

Not only can you integrate OptimizePress/OptimizeMember, but you can integrate as many sites as you want (unlike that other cart platform that is out there who wants to limit you and force you to buy more cart accounts for each site).

The payment gateways are a breeze to setup in ThriveCart (anyone can do this in less than 15 minutes).

You can also integrate with your favorite Email Autoresponder, change the list or tag when the user cancels, refunds, upgrades, or whatever. It is simple, and easier to use than all the settings within OptimizeMember.

If you have any questions about how this works, jump on skype and connect with me. My screen name is crazywpgeek


Can ThriveCart integrate with Zapier? +

Oh yea! ThriveCart has the best Zapier APP I have ever seen. You can link it up to just about anything, and even choose specific products to run zaps on. It is very cool!

Is ThriveCart a WordPress Plugin? +

ThriveCart is not a WordPress plugin. This means that WordPress updates, or updates from other plugins or themes will not ever break your funnel!

You can use ThriveCart on any website and embed your checkout forms, or link to your checkout pages.

You can even create custom upsell and downsell offer pages within your WordPress site (or any other site) and embed the payment button there.

This gives you the flexibility to completely customize your sales funnels with ease!

Can I sell physical products with ThriveCart? +

Absolutely you can! The physical product cart is getting even better with each platform update.

You can control the quantity, and give options for product size, color, ect... do about anything you want with this!

What affiliate platform works best with ThriveCart? +

Well to be perfectly honest with you, most Affiliate platforms fall short in many ways! This is why ThriveCart has built their own Affiliate platform that is so powerful, it could be sold on its own and be the best affiliate platform out there. It is really that awesome!

Can ThriveCart integrate with my membership site? +

Yes it can! Currently they have built in integrations for OptimizeMember (OptimizePress), Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, & MemberMouse.

Additionally, using the ThriveCart Zapier App, you can also integrate with Teachable, Kajabi, ZippyCourses, and many more powerful Membership systems.

I personally love to use ActiveMember360, which is a membership plugin that works off of ActiveCampaign tags - you can just add a tag to the contact when they purchase and it will automatically grant them membership access. Very powerful system.

You can do the same thing with iMember360/infusionsoft as well.

Endless possibilities here.... If you find something that ThriveCart can't integrate with I'll be shocked.

Can I setup Order Bumps with ThriveCart? +

Yes you absolutely can do this! It is VERY easy to do

Can I offer split pay options using ThriveCart? +

Indeed you can. Guess what? It is very easy to do. ThriveCart is 100% hands down the easiest cart system I have ever used, and best thing is it just works, and has awesome support!

Does ThriveCart allow 1-click upsell ability? +

Yes! Let me tell you about it.

You can do one click upsells. Not only on ThriveCart checkout pages, but you can create your own page on your own website (even OptimizePress), and embed the upsell button.

You can do the same thing with downsells also.

It is a very easy process. You could setup an entire sales funnel in a very short time with the powerful ThriveCart App. You will be amazed!

What Payment Gateways does ThriveCart integrate with? +

At the moment, ThriveCart will integrate with Stripe, & Paypal.

You can also use ApplePay through Stripe to offer some awesome options for your mobile users.

The best part about these integrations is you don't have to mess with a bunch of technical things - you can setup your payment integrations in no time at all. It is really that easy!

Does ThriveCart include digital tax calculation? +

Yes it does! It is the best digital (and physical product) sales tax system I have ever seen. Unlike other shopping cart platforms that force you to use expensive 3rd party apps for this (we won't name names here), ThriveCart has this all built in! How is that for features?

Think about it... no need for 3rd party affiliate system or tax system - this potentially saves you hundreds of dollars (maybe even thousands), and not to mention you won't have to even mess with all the hours setting things up and solving technical issues!!

ThriveCart is all about making things easy - even for someone completely new to online sales. You will absolutely fall in love with ThriveCart!

Will I have to pay any other fees to keep ThriveCart? +

Not at all. If you order during the Lifetime offer promotion then you will not have to worry about monthly or annual fees to access ThriveCart.

Limited Lifetime Special Offer!

*Ending Soon*

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